How to Cancel Your Account with Suddenlink

If you are cancelling Suddenlink because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

Has your service with Suddenlink left you disappointed? 

Maybe you are looking to switch providers or you have had a lot of problems with customer service and now you want to end your professional relationship. Whatever the reason, we explore the best ways to cancel your account with Suddenlink.

Suddenlink Cancellation Policy

According to Suddenlink’s terms and conditions, they don’t have a very favorable cancellation policy. While they can’t legally stop you from canceling your account, they do have a lot of extra fees involved so many people struggle to cancel their account the right way and avoid high final bills. 

Steps to Cancel Your Account with Suddenlink

You can cancel your account with Suddenlink online or on the phone:


  1. Go to the Suddenlink website
  2. Log into your Suddenlink account
  3. Click on the button labeled “Account Information”
  4. Click on the “Account Details” button. 
  5. Below that, click on the button labeled “Terminate Account”

Once this is over and your account is canceled you should receive a confirmation message. If you do not, you can contact customer service over the phone. 

On the Phone

  1. Call Suddenlink customer service at: 877-694-9474
  2. Inform them that you want to cancel your service and close your account
  3. Ask what hidden fees you might face as a result of cancelling your service
  4. Get a confirmation email once things have been canceled

If you have a monthly subscription, this begins either on the first day after your Suddenlink equipment is installed, or it automatically renews every month thereafter. This will continue until you cancel your account. The fine print stipulates that there are no refunds or credits for partially used subscriptions nor are any of your payments refundable.

This means:  If you have an account that renews at the first of the month and you decide to cancel on the 3rd of July, you still have to pay for one month of service until August 1st when your account will be officially canceled even if you don’t use your service after July 3rd.

Fees to Cancel Your Account with Suddenlink

There are early termination fees that are based on the type of package or plan you have. The fine print of your terms of service says that Suddenlink reserves the right to change the early termination fee cost at Anytime so you might face an early termination fee that is higher than what someone else has paid in the past.

If you cancel your account, close it, or even downgrade your services before you have completed the length of the Suddenlink contract to what you originally agreed, you will have to pay:

  1. A Suddenlink early termination fee
  2. Outstanding charges for any Suddenlink equipment you purchased

Both of these are automatically applied to your account, and Suddenlink will charge whatever credit or debit card you have associated with your account.

Third Party Charges

Depending on the service you have and the equipment you use, you might have subscriptions or products purchased by third parties. Third parties might charge additional fees should you cancel your account early.

Returned Equipment

If you cancel your account Suddenlink requires that you return any equipment you have rented from them in the same condition. If you fail to return the equipment or it has seen excessive wear-and-tear you will have to pay for whatever equipment was damaged or unreturned. This cost is based on what equipment you have used. 

Customer complaints and disputes canceling Suddenlink accounts

Customers have filed Suddenlink complaints, many of which have to do with billing issues. 

  • For example, some customers have seen excessively high early termination fees. 
  • Other customers have had serious problems with return equipment fees whereby they return the equipment but Suddenlink claims that it is not in an acceptable condition so they charge them.
  • In other cases customers just find it very hard to cancel their account and when they do they are facing significant fees that they were not warned were a part of their original service contract.

What to do If You Are Unable to Cancel or Have Unnecessary Fees

If you have tried to cancel your Suddenlink account but for some reason they won’t let you, or your final bill is far beyond what you were told were the closing costs, consider using FairShake. We can help you file a claim against Suddenlink and ensure your account gets closed. 

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