How to Lower Your Suddenlink Bill

Paying more than you should for Suddenlink? Learn about options to reduce your bill

Do you feel like you’re paying more than you should be for Suddenlink services? 

Is your cable bill higher than normal? Maybe it has been that way for a few months, but now you want to change it. You are not alone. There are many complaints against Suddenlink, some of which have to do with creeping bills. 

Review Your Bill

Start by reviewing your bill. There are plenty of situations where your Suddenlink bill might have the incorrect amount. Of the 6,581 complaints filed against them through the BBB, almost 50% had to do with billing issues. 

  • Customers have complained that they were quoted a promotional rate when they took out a Suddenlink service but then their bill did not reflect that promotion.
  • Customers have lodged complaints about installation fees, fees that they were not warned would be levied against their account.
  • Customers have also complained that they were charged for services they simply never had from Suddenlink.

Reviewing your Suddenlink bill can ensure you know exactly what charges you have on your account, and why. If you noticed that some of your monthly charges have gone up, don’t be afraid to contact Suddenlink customer service. They might be able to explain why a certain service increased, and potentially help reduce your bill in order to keep you as a customer rather than lose you.

Scale Back Suddenlink Services

Tangentially, maybe your bill is exactly what it should be, but it’s still too high for you to handle right now. In these situations, you can scale back your services. This, again, is a chance for you to work with customer service and see if there are options for reducing whatever package you have with Suddenlink, or perhaps getting a more affordable rate rather than losing you as a customer. Always be kind and polite when speaking with customer service and never be afraid to ask for discounts or promotions. It might surprise you how often companies are happy to give these out rather than lose you.

If you scale back your services, some of them might have early termination fees from Suddenlink. Be advised that this might be a prorated fee for canceling some of your contract.

Negotiate with Suddenlink

Even if everything is fine with your bill and you don’t want to scale back your services, you can always swing for the fences and contact customer service, and just ask if there’s any way that they can change your bill. Let them know that you are considering canceling your service and ask them to transfer you to a customer retention department or a customer loyalty department.

When you get transferred, let them know that you are looking at Suddenlink competitors and you want to know how Suddenlink can help you reduce your bill in exchange for remaining a loyal customer. 

Suddenlink standard rates and packages fluctuate. You might use Suddenlink for basic broadband service which is $50 per month, or standard cable which is $60 per month. If you can find a bundle promotion you might end up paying a fraction of this cost for both services.

Similarly, there are movie packages, family packages, and Sports Programming packages Each of which cost around $10 per month. Access to premium channels like HBO Max or Showtime can cost an average of $20 per month.

When negotiating, you might be able to keep some of these packages or extra channels without paying for them, or take advantage of a bundle that gives you all of your services for a much cheaper rate. 

Suddenlink Discounts and Promotions

You can always take advantage of Suddenlink discounts and promotions as well. As of the time of writing, Suddenlink internet and cable packages are advertised at a bundled rate of $55 per customer which is marketed as a flat fee that you get for life. This does apply only to new customers, so it might even be worth it for you to cancel your service and then come back to Suddenlink in a few months. 

Even if you aren’t a new customer, when you know about discounts and promotions you can ask the customer retention department if they can apply it to your account rather than lose you.

What if Suddenlink Security Owes You Money?

Maybe Suddenlink did overcharge you, or they didn’t apply the appropriate promotions and discounts like they said they would. 

If you have tried to reach out to customer service about a complaint but haven’t gotten results, FairShake can help. Let us help you file an official legal claim. 

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