How Do I Contact Terminix?

The inside track to contact Terminix execs. And what to do if they won’t listen…

Many consumers have experienced problems with their services and they want to find ways to get Terminix refunds, cancel their contracts because of misleading sales tactics, or just get an actual answer to a service question.

Start by reaching out to their main customer service number at 1 (844) 251-2164 or use their chat function 7:00am to 7:00pm CST, Monday through Friday. 

If you’ve already tried that and you still need to know how to get in touch with a real person who can solve your problem, we have some customer service tips. 

How do I Contact a Real Person at Terminix?

You can try the chat function, or submit a residential customer inquiry form on their help page but none of these guarantee that you get to talk to a real person. 

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Call your local office. 

You can use organizations like the BBB to find phone numbers for local offices. If you have a problem that has to do with a service you received in your area, this might be the best way to get a hold of someone. For example, if you have a problem with the Sacramento area, the number to call is (530) 343-0261. By looking for the Terminix business profile in your city and state you can find the number for your area.

Call their corporate office at 1 (877) 837-6464.

This option lets you speak to an agent immediately. When you call the Terminix corporate office, you aren’t going to be connected to the CEO, but you can certainly get a hold of someone who is more likely to be able to escalate your issue to the appropriate office and make sure you get a resolution.

Reach out on social media. 

Terminix is very good about responding to customers through social media pages. You can email them at: socialsupport@terminix.com if you want an alternative email address. 

Customers who tweet about issues they have get a personalized response, not a boilerplate one. Usually when someone posts something in a public setting the Terminix social media managers ask them to send a private message with their full address and phone number as well as a description of the issue so they can look it up and pursue a resolution.

How do I Contact Terminix with a Legal Complaint?

When customer service doesn’t solve your problem, you might find that joining or starting Terminix lawsuits is against your service agreement. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have other options.

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You can get Terminix dispute help through two other legal paths: 

The first is to use small claims court.

You can sue Terminix in small claims court and for many customers with qualifying issues this is a good option. However, it is time-consuming and costly. You are responsible for knowing the exact procedure for how to sue Terminix based on your state. If you follow all of the rules where you live this is very likely to get you a satisfying resolution.

The second is to use consumer arbitration.

Because your user agreement says you can’t sue them and regular courtrooms or join class action lawsuits, consumer arbitration is a good alternative. Arbitration is a type of dispute resolution, but it is one where you can work with our team to send your demand letter to Terminix at their legal address, and then bring your case before an independent arbitrator. Usually companies like Terminix will sit up and take notice when they receive that demand letter because it will cost them much less to simply contact you and solve your problem than it will to proceed with the arbitration process.

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