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Terminix is a very popular company offering remediation services to get rid of insects and other vermin. In spite of how large their operation is and how popular they are, they are not immune to Terminix lawsuits.

Here is what you should know about Terminix lawsuits:

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Are lawsuits against Terminix allowed?

Firstly, you should know that lawsuits against Terminix both are and are not allowed. Confused? It’s a little complicated.

Technically lawsuits are allowed against any company in the United States. However, your user agreement when you utilize Terminix services will typically contain language that prohibits you from doing so in most situations. Instead the agreement will say that you have to use small claims court or consumer arbitration.

We might be biased, but arbitration is typically the better option. Plus, we can help you with it.


What is a Class Action Lawsuit? Can I file a Class Action Lawsuit against Terminix?

The second thing you need to know has to do with class action lawsuits. You may have heard of a class action lawsuit, not necessarily against Terminix but against any other company. These lawsuits typically make the news. They also bring about a lot of bad press.

For that reason, and others, the language in your user agreement usually says that you cannot join existing class action lawsuits or start a class action lawsuit as a customer. Many of these lawsuits covered below are filed by employees, government entities, or are much older lawsuits from before those prohibitions or written into the user agreements.

However, we at FairShake are working to streamline the Terminix lawsuit process. Customer complaints against Terminix are common and many consumers have the same questions. But rather than trying to join a class action suit, we file personalized legal documents with Terminix on your behalf and guide you through the arbitration process.

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As a Terminix customer, what are my options for a lawsuit?

As a Terminix customer, there are many ways you can file a claim against Terminix, such as with your bank or with the FCC. But where lawsuits are involved you have two options:

  1. You can sue Terminix in small claims court.  Doing this requires money for legal fees, lots of legal paperwork, and hearings.
  2. You can also use consumer arbitration. Your Terminix user agreement has language that says consumer arbitration is a viable route to seeking compensation in cases where Terminix has done something wrong. We at FairShake make this process easy and convenient. Find out how

While the lawsuits below give good information for any customer of Terminix, it is very likely that your user agreement says you cannot sue Terminix but instead have to use consumer arbitration. FairShake can help you start the arbitration process and get the compensation you deserve.

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Recent and notable Terminix lawsuits:

Terminix Lawsuit over Robocalls

In this lawsuit, customers sought compensation for those who received autodialed or pre-recorded debt collection calls over the span of five years, without providing consent to receive those calls. This lawsuit claims that Terminix not only called people who did not give consent, but called people who had revoked their consent.

Terminix Lawsuit over Renewal Prices

In Alabama in 2021, customers filed lawsuits for renewal prices and won a $25 million settlement. In this case, customers claimed that Terminix did not provide accurate information to customers about the nature of the treatment they provided, and they failed to offer no-cost retreatment as per the customer terms and conditions. They say Terminix also failed to perform annual inspections that were required under the terms of customer contracts, and that, what’s more, Terminix customers were subjected to larger renewal prices as of 2019 without warning. 

In this case, Terminix settled for 25 million dollars to all customers who were affected by their behavior. 

Terminix Lawsuit over TCPA Violation

In a similar case to the robocall lawsuit, Terminix was convicted of violating the telephone consumer protection act or TCPA. In this lawsuit, Terminix is said to have sent promotional faxes to customers who had opted out of receiving such promotions or who had never given permission to receive such promotions. 

Looking for more examples of Terminix complaints? See more in FairShake’s Terminix complaints library

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