How Do I Contact Verizon Fios?

The inside track to contact Verizon Fios execs. And what to do if they won’t listen…

So you have a problem with Verizon FiOS and now you want to know how to reduce your Verizon FiOS bill or why you have slow internet from Verizon FiOS.

Many customers have complaints against Verizon FiOS. It’s a large company, but it’s not without its issues, especially issues that have to do with Verizon FiOS early termination fees when people try to cancel their service after disappointing internet speeds are poor quality. Whatever your issue is with the company, you can start by contacting the main Verizon Fios customer service number at 1 (800) 837-4966. 

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But if you want to talk to a real person who can actually do something about it, there are a few other options to explore.

How do I Contact a Real Person at Verizon Fios?

Here are a few customer service hacks you can use to get in touch with the corporate office and potentially reach an actual human:

Contact the Verizon FiOS executive customer relations team.

Verizon FiOS has an executive customer relations team there to help you when you don’t know what the hidden fees on your Verizon FiOS bill are, or when regular customer service won’t cut it. If you are ready to file a complaint against Verizon FiOS, try this line first. The team is trained to expedite your issue and get a resolution rather than lose you as a customer. 

Call the corporate office main line at (212) 395-1000.

You can also call them at the corporate office main line. This won’t get you through to a senior executive but it will get you through to an assistant who can transfer you to the escalated customer service line. 

Reach out through social media.

They have very active social media pages with a team of representatives responding to comments that are public or private. These are not boilerplate, but individual responses to each post. If you look through their tweets and replies you will see that they are very active, and they regularly respond to people asking them for direct messages with additional information so that they can resolve the problem. They even have a dedicated business line you can call at (866) 408-9290.

How do I Contact Verizon Fios with a Legal Complaint?

When customer service isn’t there to solve your problem, you still have other ways you can submit a legal complaint. The next step is to start a legal process but you have to know how to sue Verizon FiOS in accordance with your contract.

Submitting an arbitration claim is often faster and cheaper than going through small claims court:

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  1. Your user agreement or contract with Verizon FiOS doesn’t let you join things like class action lawsuits but you can still use small claims court. To do this you want to send a demand letter to Verizon Fios at their legal address. This usually gets customers what they want but it takes some navigation because the rules are slightly different depending on where you live.
  2. You can also try consumer arbitration which is a type of dispute resolution where you can bring your dispute with Verizon FiOS to an independent arbitrator. That independent arbitrator acts like a judge and they make a final decision. To start arbitration you have to contact Verizon FiOS at their legal address and serve them a legal notice. Usually contacting them to initiate arbitration is enough to get them to take action. Some customers with big complaints against large companies like Verizon FiOS have received thousands of dollars in compensation.

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