If you are struggling to pay your Verizon FiOS bill, we can help.

How to Lower Your Verizon FiOS Bill

If you’ve tried reducing your bill from Verizon Fios, but are still being overcharged, you may have a legal option.

If you are having difficulty paying your bill each month, and it seems like extra charges keep creeping into your bill, you are not alone. Maybe you have already reached out to customer service and gotten nowhere the first time. Now you want to know how to reduce your bill from Verizon FiOS. Below we outline some steps you can take like:

  • checking your monthly bill
  • negotiating with Verizon
  • scaling back your services
  • using Verizon FiOS discounts and promotions

Read on to figure out how you can reduce your bill from Verizon FiOS:


Check your bill

When you get your monthly statement from Verizon FiOS be sure to check it thoroughly. You want to verify on a regular basis that you are being charged the correct amount for the services you agreed to. Customers have complained 7,200 times in the last 3 years with the Better Business Bureau that Verizon often increases monthly charges without their knowledge, doesn’t adhere to promotional rates that were initially agreed upon, and that charges appear on the bill which were unauthorized.

If you are having similar difficulties or just facing a hardship paying your monthly Verizon FiOS bill, these types of errors can be the cause and can increase your monthly balance. If you are unable to pay your balance on time Verizon FiOS will give you late fees and if it persists, they might disconnect your service and then charge you for a reconnection, all of which can add up to a lot of money in extra fees. So, by reading your bill every month and catching errors early on you can avoid paying more than you should.


Scale back your services

If you noticed that your monthly bill from Verizon FiOS keeps rising every month it’s time to look at what it is you are actually paying for.  Maybe you can scale back the data plan you have and save some money or reduce extra services or features you don’t use.

Customers who signed up with a promotional rate might see that their monthly charges go up once that promotion expires. If you had any type of promotion associated with your account you should go online or contact Verizon Fios customer service to see if you can get a lower cost. They might allow you to keep the same service but pay less for it, or simply do away with services you don’t need.


Verizon FiOS discounts and promotions

Home Internet Teachers

Verizon FiOS is offering discounts for teachers. Teachers can get monthly discounts whether they are existing Verizon FiOS customers or new customers. New customers can get $5 off the 200Mbps speed plan, $10 off the 400 Mbps plan, and  $15 off the gigabyte connection. They also waive the $99 setup fee for new customers.

Existing customers who are teachers trying to teach at home can still qualify for a discount with an eligible plan which includes the same discount of $5 off every month for speeds of 200 Mbps, $10 off every month for speeds of 400 Mbps, and $15 every month for the KGB connection plan.

Military and veteran discounts

With Verizon FiOS, active duty military can get home internet at a discounted rate, only $35 per month with autopay. This is for the basic 200 Mbps but if you upgrade to the 400 Mbps speed you can save $10 off your account and $15 off your total monthly charges if you sign up for the gigabyte connection which is the top level speed. The VA video connect service is an extra service for military veterans that allows them to video chat with healthcare providers from anywhere.

Other promotions

There are other ongoing promotions that fluctuate and some include things like $40 a month with auto pay for basic internet which includes Disney Plus service for 12 months, free of charge.

Combining plans gives you discounts too. If you combine your Verizon Wireless phone and your Verizon FiOS home internet plan you can get up to $10 off your monthly Verizon Wireless bill and your monthly Verizon bill with an additional credit for your next phone or tablet.


Negotiate with Verizon FiOS

One of the things you can do is try customer service again. Plenty of people have issues the first time, they don’t get anywhere with the first representative with whom they talk. If you can dedicate a few hours to sitting down and trying again until you reach someone the second or third time, you might have significantly better luck. If you call customer service at 800-922-0204 and let them know that you want to cancel your plan, you will be transferred to the customer retention department.

This department, as the name suggests, is there to keep you and to maintain your loyalty so if you have done your homework and you can tell them that you know X company (a competing company) is offering $9 less per month for the same service and then you follow that up by asking the customer service agent what they can do to help you lower your bill, they will be much more inclined to take action.

Wording it like this, asking them what they can do to help you, puts the ball in their court and it helps them to recognize what the competition is charging so they’re more willing to find small promotions and credits that they can apply to your account to keep you.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of and you are still struggling to reduce your bill from Verizon FiOS, contact Fair Shake. We can help you file a claim with Verizon FiOS to fix a payment issue or a billing problem. 

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