How to Lower Your Verizon Wireless Bill

Are you looking for ways to reduce your bill from Verizon Wireless? We break down your options.

If your Verizon phone bill seems too high, or your service isn’t living up to its promises, you aren’t alone.

An online report in 2016 found the company was ignoring complaints of incorrect and overage bills throughout the United States.

With FairShake, customers have reported complaints against Verizon Wireless for a multitude of compensation based issues. For example:

  • Customers have sign up for auto-pay and found that Verizon Wireless charge them for a more expensive wireless plan than they actually have every month
  • Some have paid for Verizon 5G but the company hasn’t delivered
  • Customers who have tried to change service have still been overcharged for older, recently canceled services
  • In some cases customers have tried to take advantage of new promotions and after signing up for a new service found that the price changed drastically

Look at Your Verizon Wireless Bill

For that reason it is important that you examine your monthly bill. You should check out your statement from Verizon Wireless every month and verify that you aren’t being overcharged. You should be able to break down every line item and know exactly what they are. Don’t be afraid to contact Verizon wireless customer service to ask them if there’s something you don’t understand. The sooner you report accounting errors, the sooner they can be fixed. 

If you see an issue with your Verizon Wireless bill, contact customer service at (800) 922-0204.

The sooner you bring the issue to their attention, the sooner they can fix it. If it is a simple error, the company should give you credit back to your account for any situation where they overcharged you.

Change Services or Devices

If you are still unable to pay the Verizon Wireless bill you have, rather than directly canceling your service where you might face early termination fees from Verizon, consider downgrading your services.

Customers who have switched to 5G might have undergone a promotion to facilitate that change which brought with it a very expensive, new phone. Trade in a phone for something more affordable if you are unable to keep up on payments. You can always change your service plan as well so that you have fewer phone lines under your account or have slower speed for less money per month.

Negotiate with Customer Service

Contact Verizon customer service, and let them know politely that you are thinking of switching to one of their competitors. Even if you are under contract, the customer retention department or customer loyalty department might be able to help you remove unnecessary fees from your monthly bill or offer you upgraded service for the price you are paying right now. There could very well be discounts and promotions that the customer retention department can offer you that aren’t publicly available. It never hurts to ask. 

Use Promotions or Deals

At any given time there are multiple promotions and deals offered by Verizon. These are subject to change and it’s important to look at the fine print to verify whether you have to sign up for a contract in order to use them. There are also more specific Verizon promotions. Here are some as of the time of writing:

First Responders 

First Responders, police officers, EMS workers, volunteers, family members of those who have died in the line of duty, even retirees can confirm their eligibility by confirming their ID and then enjoy unlimited basic plans starting at only $30 per month.


Military members can get a discount on plans, features, and accessories and this includes active duty and veterans. 


Teachers can enjoy $5 off any of the four main plans from Verizon Wireless, every month.


Verizon Wireless allows college students to get the unlimited mobile plan for only $25 per month.

Corporate Discounts

Verizon offers discounts for employees on mobile plans and devices. 


Senior citizens can save up to $40 per month if they are 55 or older and switch to an unlimited plan.

Rebates and Rewards

Verizon Wireless also offers regular rebates and rewards on existing programs and services. From time to time you can find promotional rebates such as free discounts on existing services for those who upgrade their plan, free upgrades, or free trade in opportunities.

If you have tried everything else and you’re still having trouble reducing your bill from Verizon Wireless let alone paying your bill, let us help you.

What if Verizon Wireless owes me money?

It can be difficult to get the refund you deserve even if you have brought to Verizon Wireless’ attention a billing error. That is why we are here. At FairShake, we can help you deal with your refunds, billing problems, or compensation problems.

Ready to get started? We can help. Let FairShake tackle your refund and billing issues for you. 

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