How to Cancel Your Account with American Home Shield

If you are cancelling AHS because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

If you have issues with American Home Shield for any reason, you always have the legal option to cancel your account. That doesn’t mean they’ll always make it free or easy, though.

Maybe you have tried and customer service has been less than helpful, overcharged you, or isn’t issuing the refund you deserve. No matter the reason, we explain how to cancel your account with American Home Shield.

American Home Shield Cancellation Policy

The American Home Shield cancellation policy is divided into two time frames:

  1. The first is if you cancel your contract within the first 30 days. If you take out a new service and then you decide to cancel within the first 30 days, American Home Shield says they will refund your contract fee. However, the fine print says they will subtract any claims or services they have provided during those first 30 days from the amount you have paid.
  2. The second is if you cancel your contract after the first 30 days. In this situation you get a prorated refund for your contract fees for the remainder of your contract term. However, they will also subtract any services or claims they have paid on behalf of you from that amount. You will also face an administrative fee the amount of which is up to 1 months pay depending on the state in which you live.

Steps to Cancel Your Account with American Home Shield

At present the only way to cancel your account is over the phone. American Home Shield does not let you cancel through your online account. When you are ready to cancel your account, contact customer service at: 800-858-1922.

  • Provide the agent with your contact details and customer information.
  • They will guide you through what steps are next, and any documents you might have to electronically file.
  • After that you should receive a confirmation of your cancellation and your final bill. 

Fees for canceling your American Home Shield account

As mentioned, there are two fees based on two different time frames. However, whether you cancel within the first 30 days or not, you will still have to contend with the fine print of the cancellation policy. This fine print says that if American Home Shield has provided any services for you, meaning if you have submitted any claims under their warranty, they will subtract the money they have paid for those services or for those claims from any refund you are owed.

This is how most insurance providers work as well. You pay the monthly fee toward your warranty service, and over the course of your contract term that money will help offset the cost of one or two claims you have to submit throughout the course of your service. So if you cancel prematurely, and you have given them $300 in monthly payments, but they have paid $500 for one of your home warranty claims, you will owe them the difference of $200. Under the same circumstances if they have only rendered services worth $80, they subtract that $80 from your $300 and give you a prorated refund of $220.

Common Disputes and Complaints when Cancelling

This company has faced many customer complaints and disputes having to do with billing problems and account problems. This extends to trying to cancel your account. Here are some common AHS complaints about cancellation:

  • Some customers have complained that they face difficulty trying to cancel their account. Customer service representatives might make it seem like they’re not able to or they might focus on alternatives to cancellation instead of actually allowing the customer to cancel.
  • Other customers have complained that they didn’t know there was an early termination fee associated with their account or that they were under contract.
  • Similarly, customers have lodged complaints against the company for overcharging or failing to give a refund where it was owed. When the final bill comes through, companies will charge immediately for anything you owe them but if they owe you it can take months before you see that money if at all.

What to do If You Are Unable to Cancel or Get Hit With Unnecessary Fees

If you have tried unsuccessfully to close your American Home Shield account, or you have incurred excessive fees after canceling, let us help.

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