How to Lower Your DirecTV Bill

Paying more than you should for DirecTV? Learn about options to reduce your bill

Does your bill from DirecTV seem like it’s more than it should be? 

Are you struggling to pay it every month?

Maybe you’re looking at your statement and it seems to be going up but your services haven’t changed. You might have already tried to reach out to customer service but you just aren’t getting anywhere. Thankfully there are other ways to reduce your bill from DirecTV.

DirecTV billing complaints

You are certainly not the only person to be struggling with your DirecTV bill, especially struggling with billing errors or charges you weren’t expecting. These have been the subject of many DirecTV complaints. Many of them have to do with:

  • DirecTV failing to provide compensation
  • Changing prices without warning
  • Offering a promotional deal then charging more than the promotion
  • Continually raising client bills

The parent company of DirecTV is AT&T. As such, you have access to many of the same discounts and promotions, but you also have to deal with some of the same billing problems.

Know Your Bill

You want to check out your DirecTV bill. You should know any equipment services, channels, payments, or other charges. It’s not uncommon for customers to find hidden fees from DirecTV and the sooner you locate the issues, the sooner you can fix them.  If you are having trouble paying your monthly bill from DirecTV, even small errors in your contract can increase your balance tremendously. 

If you decide that you want to investigate an unknown fee, not paying within the timeframe can result in late fees levied against you which just makes the financial situation worse. By reviewing your bill every month you can catch errors early on and have customer service fix the problems immediately.

Scale Back Services

If you have reviewed your bill and there aren’t any errors, you can still consider scaling back your services. You might decide to scale back your services by reducing extra television channels or streaming features that you don’t need. Companies like DirecTV might offer extra channels during the promotion that are free for the first few months but then automatically get charged to your account thereafter. If you find that you don’t watch these, or you don’t watch them enough to pay the extra fee, you can scale back your service and get rid of those charges.

Negotiate with DirecTV

Contact customer service, and take an opportunity to negotiate with them. You don’t even have to be struggling financially to try this tip. Call the customer service and let them know that you are considering canceling your service with DirecTV.

Most of the time when you say this they will transfer you immediately to a customer loyalty department. Be polite and let that person know that there are certain services you simply don’t need any more and you are considering a competitor but you want to know how DirecTV might be able to help you reduce your bill. A typical employee might be able to provide you things like free movie channels, or take an average of $15 off your monthly bill depending on the type of cable and internet package you have.

DirecTV discounts and promotions

DirecTV regularly provides promotions that you can capitalize on even as an existing customer. These might include discounts on bundles, free movie channels, or free upgrades.

DirecTV offers a military discount for active duty and veterans who sign up as a new customer under a 24-month contract.

If you have tried everything else and you’re still struggling with ways to reduce your DirecTV bill, let alone pay it, let us help you.

What if DirecTV owes me money?

Maybe DirecTV already charged you more than you owe on your monthly bill, or they promised you a promotional rate, but they didn’t follow through. If that’s the case, FairShake can help. 

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