How to Cancel RCN Service

If you are cancelling your RCN service because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

RCN is a service that provides internet access, home phone utilities, and TV services to a limited customer base on the east coast. However, in spite of this limited audience, there are plenty of reasons why an RCN customer might want to discontinue service, including finding broader providers, better prices, and additional services that RCN might not provide in its limited services.

You may also want to seek out additional providers due to common RCN issues, such as poor customer service, sudden increases in monthly fees, and slow internet speed.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

When you are ready to cancel your subscription with whatever services you originally signed up for through RCN, call 1 (800) 746-4726. Be prepared to enter the phone number associated with your services — all 10 digit of it. Remain patient while you work through an automated menu.

When you do get in touch with a customer support representative, be ready — they will be trained in retention, meaning that they will supply multiple reasons and deals to try and get you to keep your service.

Make it easier on yourself to get out of your contract by explaining why you will no longer need RCN’s services. This can include excuses like moving in with a roommate who already pays for such services, relocating for a job that covers expenses that RCN provides, or moving out of the country.

Will I Be Charged a Fee if I Cancel?

RCN does not have any contract services with its customers, meaning that you will not be responsible for fees if and when you cancel your subscription with RCN.

Be sure that you understand everything you need to do to discontinue your services through RCN. You may need to return any equipment that was given to you, including dishes or routers. Do so promptly to avoid incurring any late fees.

What Should I Do if They Won’t Let Me Cancel But I Can’t Afford or Use the Service Right Now?

We understand just how infuriating it can be when you need to cancel services provided by a company like RCN, especially when you can’t afford to continue to use the service — or if you have a different option available. Especially in cases in which you feel like customer service representatives don’t have your best interests in mind, FairShake is here to be your advocate.

You deserve to pay for the services you want — and to detach yourself from the services and providers that no longer serve you. If you are frustrated with the extra effort it’s taking you to rid yourself of a contract with RCN, don’t waste any more time. Contact the expert team at FairShake. We have the knowledge, experience, and track record you need in your corner when taking big companies like RCN to task when it comes to their responsibilities to their customers.

Begin your claim with a few short, straightforward steps below. We’re here to guide through the process.

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