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If you’re experiencing issues with RCN, you’re not alone and may be able to receive compensation. There are several current claims and lawsuits filed against RCN. Most of these lawsuits are class action which, means you may be able to get in on the settlement. Take a look at this list of lawsuits against RCN to see if you might be affected.



RCN Lawsuit by 17 Major Record Companies Over Piracy

According to Jurist, RCN was recently sued by 17 major record companies for failing to prevent the piracy conducted by RCN customers:

The record labels want to hold RCN liable for piracy committed by millions of its users, based on the [internet service provider’s] failure to terminate the accounts of repeat offenders or to take other meaningful steps to stop piracy.

The case is the latest to use an [internet service provider’s] failure to target repeat infringers to establish liability for lost profits due to piracy. Normally an [internet service provider] would not be held liable for copyright infringement by their users due to the “safe harbor” provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). However, the plaintiffs in this and similar cases claim that [internet service providers] forfeit this protection when they fail to go after repeat infringers as required by the DMCA.


RCN Lawsuit for Unauthorized Calls in Violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act 

In 2016, RCN reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit that alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) for unauthorized calls. This story from Top Class Actions outlines the case:

Plaintiff Eric Seal brought the TCPA class action lawsuit against RCN Telecom Services stating that as part of the company’s business practices, RCN Telecom places automated calls via a predictive dialer coupled with an automated telephone dialing system featuring a prerecorded or artificial voice, in an effort to collect on an alleged debt or other business reasons including scheduling installation appointments and providing service appointment reminders.

The class action lawsuit claims that many of these robocalls made by RCN Telecom were placed to the cell phones of persons who were no longer its customers but had been assigned a cell phone number which was previously assigned to an RCN customer whose service was terminated and then reassigned to them.


RCN Lawsuit by Customers for Alleged “Throttling” Violations

In 2010, RCN settled a class action lawsuit brought by RCN customers that alleged RCN was “throttling” in violation of federal law. A federal court judge approved the settlement agreement between RCN and its customers:

The complaint alleges that Defendant RCN Corporation violated the Consumer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 U.S.C. § 1030, and various provisions of state law by promising its customers “fast and uncapped” broadband Internet service, when it in fact was engaging in a network-management practice called “throttling,” which was designed to prevent or delay customers from using the Internet in certain ways, including for “peer-to-peer” file sharing.


The proposed settlement agreement provides for injunctive relief requiring, among other things, (1) that RCN cease using all network-management practices that specifically affect peer-to-peer Internet traffic, for a period of eighteen months; (2) that RCN not engage in any network-management practices that are intended to curb or control congestion of the RCN broadband Internet network and that do not specifically target peer-to-peer transmissions, for an additional eighteen months; and (3) that if, after this period, RCN implements a new network-management practice related to peer-to-peer file sharing, it will give subscribers at least sixty days to opt out of their service without incurring a penalty. 

Even if you aren’t able to cash in on any of these listed lawsuits, your complaint might be eligible for a binding arbitration hearing with RCN. We can help you file a claim and get compensated. Learn more here.

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