How Do I File a Phone Insurance Claim for TracFone?

If you’re experiencing problems with your TracFone service that aren’t covered by device insurance, you may still be able to claim compensation.

Are you having problems with your cell phone? Is something damaged or not working properly? Now you want to know how you can file a phone insurance claim for TracFone and get compensation for the damages or maybe even a new phone. We explain your options.

What company provides coverage for TracFone? 

If you bought phone insurance from TracFone, it came from a company called Service Net. You can file a phone insurance claim on their site first. 

What kinds of damages can you file a claim for? 

The type of damages for which you can file a phone insurance claim from TracFone have to be the things that qualify based on the policy or extra protection that you pay for. You will have to log into your Service Net account in order to verify what the insurance plan is you took out. That will explain exactly what circumstances qualify and when you can file a phone insurance claim for TracFone damages.

Remember that phone insurance works the same as any other insurance policy. With an insurance policy, you agree to pay a monthly premium, a certain amount of money every month in exchange for the guarantee that if something goes wrong with your phone, the insurance provider will fix it or send you a new one, or even send you the money to repair or replace the problem. But the damages for which you file a claim have to be something that’s already agreed upon in your insurance policy with Service Net.

You might even have to pay a certain amount of money out-of-pocket yourself before your insurance will step in and cover the rest. This is known as the deductible. You might not have a deductible if your premiums are high enough. In most cases, the higher your monthly premiums, the lower your deductible and the lower your monthly premiums, the higher your deductible. That’s why it’s important to review your policy before you file a phone insurance claim for TracFone.

How do you start a claim? 

Service Net is very easy to use. When you open the site you can log into your account or sign up as a new customer after which you will have access to your service plan. With this you can always view and print your service plan to save for a later date in case you have another situation where you need to review your policy and your coverage. You can also use the same navigation to manage the service plan you have, potentially upgrade it, and then file a claim.

When you go to file a claim you have to log into your account and then enter the details pertaining to your make and model of phone, and explain what the damages are. The company will review the information, potentially reach out if they need additional details or evidence. After that they will decide to approve or deny the claim.

When they approve the claim, they might send you a new device, they might ask for your current device so that they can make an improvement to it or fix physical damage, it all depends on what the issue is.

What do you do if the insurance company or wireless provider is denying your claim?

If you tried to file a phone insurance claim for TracFone and it was denied either by the wireless provider or by Service Net there are still other solutions that you can use to get the settlement necessary. One of those solutions is consumer arbitration.

Ready to move forward? At Fairshake we can help you file a claim. In just a few simple steps we can help you resolve your matter and potentially get the compensation you deserve. Learn more by reading our success stories.

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