How to Sue US Bank

Make your voice heard and make US Bank pay: These are your options

US Bank may be one of the largest financial institutions in the country, but they aren’t untouchable. Sometimes, they treat their customers poorly. Maybe they charged you too much for something you aren’t responsible for. Or maybe their customer service rep was terrible. Either way, there are actions you can take, like:

  • filing a legal claim against US Bank
  • suing US Bank in small claims court
  • filing a claim in arbitration against US Bank

File a Claim Against US Bank in Small Claims Court

What is it? Like the majority of financial institutions and major banks, US Bank has a clause in their personal banking contracts that prevents you from bringing a claim against them. But you can bring a small claims case against them using the same type of court. This takes place in front of a local judge and allows you to receive compensation up to a certain monetary limit.

Claim limits: Most small claims court cases let you receive compensation up to $10,000 depending on your case size and quality.

Court fees: In addition, many small claims court cases require that you pay several fees based on the amount you claim against US Bank.

The type of relief: You’ll be able to receive either monetary or nonmonetary awards based on your case against US Bank, though most small claims courts only provide you with monetary awards.

When it’s a good option: This may be a good option if you have the time to pursue it fully and you want to publicly bring your grievance against US Bank.

How to do it: Find your local courthouse and look at their website to see the guidelines for filing a small claims case against US Bank.

What you can expect: There’s a good chance you will receive compensation over the course of your case, but US Bank may also decide to settle with you out-of-court to avoid negative press.

You can find a guide on how to sue US Bank in small claims court here.

File a Complaint Against US Bank with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

What is it? The CFPB is a federal agency you can rely on to submit a claim or complaint against US Bank; they regulate the activities of financial organizations like them all the time.

When it try it: This is a fantastic option if you want to bring your complaint to the government directly and also want to bring some public attention to US Bank, so they take your grievance more seriously.

What you need to do: You can easily file an informal complaint against US Bank on the CFPB website.

What to expect: In most cases, don’t expect an individual response of the CFPB or monetary compensation. But you might see your case use for future regulation against US Bank and your complaint will be reported on a public database.

File a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Complaint Against US Bank

What is it? The BBB provides a public platform for consumers and companies to communicate with one another and helps consumers make educated choices in the marketplace. You can file a complaint against US Bank via their page on this website.

When to try this: This is another good way to get the attention of a customer service representative from US Bank or bring to public light the ill they did toward you.

What you need to do: Simply visit the US Bank BBB page and follow the instructions available in order to file your official complaint.

What you can expect: You’ll only receive communication from US Bank if one of their customer service reps is active on that page, but the BBB may reach out themselves for more details about your complaint.

File a Complaint Against US Bank Through Independent Arbitration

What is it? You can, if all the other options don’t work, file a complaint against US Bank through independent arbitration. This circumvents the clause that prevents you from bringing a claim against them. It doesn’t rely on a judge, but instead has you rely on one of our expert independent arbitrators. We can potentially help you pursue a claim up to $10,000!

When to try it: This is a great option if US Bank refuses to hear you and has either overcharged you, ignored your complaints for too long, and won’t rectify the situation in an official capacity. Since they’ll have to spend money to respond to this arbitration, you can bet it’ll get their attention.

What you need to do: You can start your independent arbitration process by filling out the form below.

What to expect: We can tell you all about the arbitration process right here

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