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Verizon Wireless 5G Slower than Promised?

Some subscribers find 5G isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Are you having issues with Verizon Wireless 5G?

Has your Verizon Wireless 5G been slower than promised? Did you take advantage of a new deal or upgrade your phone but now you are let down? Here’s what you can do to get compensation. 

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What is 5G?

Verizon’s 5G is the fifth generation of wireless internet and data usage, the most current iteration which is allegedly a significantly faster alternative to 4G or any previous iterations, with limited lag time, and better applicability on a wider scale. 

When did Verizon Wireless start offering 5G? And for what price?

Verizon Wireless was the first company to launch a commercial 5G mobile network at which point initial users saw speeds of one gigabyte per second and latency under 30 milliseconds. 

The promises for every city that enjoyed a continued 5G rollout included increased bandwidth and faster speeds, all done under the auspices that future autonomous vehicle communication, remote surgery, and multiple devices across the internet of things would be able to use the existing 5G infrastructure when the time came.

Verizon Wireless began offering 5G in select cities starting in 2018. It began to manifest in major cities across the United States in 2019. 

  • For example, Chicago and Minneapolis enjoyed 5G in April of 2019 while Denver had to wait until June of 2019. 
  • Phoenix received 5G in August 2019 wild Dallas waited until October. 
  • Nationwide networks began in 2020 while in 2021 Verizon Wireless is attempting to expand rapidly to provide coverage where it doesn’t currently exist. 

As for prices, according to their website every unlimited line includes 5G access either 5G Nationwide or 5G ultra-wideband. The start unlimited plan is the first plan which is $35 per month, per line and includes perks like 6 months of Apple music and Disney Plus. The plans increase by $10 as you see the features and plans enhance for each subsequent unlimited package. 

What did Verizon Wireless say 5G should provide? 

Verizon has 5G across approximately 25 states in major cities like Salt Lake City Utah, Denver Colorado, Austin Texas, San Francisco California, and Los Angeles California. According to the website, when you combine your package to get the 5G ultra-wideband, you’ll get “the fastest 5G in the world” and Verizon’s “absolute best performance”. 

Feel ripped off by Verizon’s 5G promises?

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What are some of the deals Verizon offered for new 5G service and devices?

Verizon Wireless has smartphone deals where the retail price for something like an Apple iPhone 12 with 5G access is $1,100 but they give you a 30 month payment plan starting at $36 each month if you trade in your old or damaged phone. Some of the advertisements on their page say you can access things like a new Samsung Galaxy for only $5 per month, or get some of the iPhones for free. 

The terms are based on whether you are exchanging an old or damaged phone, signing up for multiple phone lines, using auto-pay services when you sign up, and many other fine print hiccups.

The Reality of Verizon Wireless 5G

How does this company rank in terms of 5G promises? They are the best out there, but before you get too excited, remember that they have some of the same problems as the other major providers. 

Unlimited is Not Unlimited

One of the biggest issues is that an unlimited plan for unlimited 5G data is not in fact unlimited. Customers have found they still get data throttling and slow speeds at a certain point no matter what they pay. As one FairShake customer explained, “I called Verizon to increase my gigabytes for internet service because, although they claimed I had “unlimited internet”, after I used the prescribed number of bytes, they slowed the internet down so much they I could not do my work. I nearly lost a cruise because I could not register. It took hours if not days to get on the internet. When I called, I told them I only wanted more data.” 

Sound familiar? You may be able to claim compensation.

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Bad Promotions

When it comes to the promotions that were promised, the deals in exchange for upgrading to a 5G phone, many people have problems when they switch carriers and are told they can keep their existing number but, when the time comes, find they are unable to. Getting in contact with a Verizon Wireless employee who can actually do something about it has been shown very difficult by customers with the Better Business Bureau. Other complaints from the Better Business Bureau and the FairShake complaints library paint a picture of Verizon Wireless failing to honor the trade-in promotions for those who make the switch to an unlimited 5G plan. 

Moreover, 2 of their advertisements had to be removed because they were misleading. These advertisements were for firefighters and First Responders talking about the benefits of the faster speeds that the Verizon Wireless 5G network offers. But the national advertising division of the Better Business Bureau found that real-time interactive services could not be conducted indoors to the degree that was advertised. This is a serious problem for many 5G customers especially those who are in the medical field or First Responders; streaming, video, and phone calls use low frequencies and high frequencies but being indoors can block the signals for these frequencies making it difficult to use 5G inside a home, an office, or a hospital.

Limited Coverage

Another issue is limited coverage. Below is the coverage map for Verizon:

Map of Verizon 5G coverage

According to OpenSignal the average 5G speeds were 494.7Mbps for Verizon, which makes them the best, but the coverage areas are still confined to major cities. Verizon has installed more high frequency components in select cities to try and counter this slow 5G problem, but that does nothing to change their limited 5G coverage as seen in the map above. As another FairShake customer explained, “Basically I have been having issues with my phone my apps not working dropped calls and phone calls not coming in. Basically they are trying to say if I want my apps to work and if I want my calls to come in I have to up my plan that will be more money.” 

What you can do if your 5G is slower than promised

It’s possible that you can get compensation from Verizon Wireless if your 5G service or device is not what was promised to you when you purchased it. Let our expert team help you submit a claim and win. Tell us what happened below.

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